How to Reduce Acne Problems

For teenagers, acne is part of a big problem for them, we will feel very isolated, insecure, and uncomfortable. The sudden appearance of acne is certainly an annoying thing, especially when we are planning a meeting or having daily activities that make us feel insecure due to the appearance of this pimple.

Worrying about the appearance of acne prompts us to quickly get rid of it by trying various types and facial care products or types and acne removal products quickly, however, it is not easy and instant to get rid of acne quickly. At this point, we feel that our social life is ruined by the appearance of this pimple. But it should be noted that acne will not last forever on our face if we take action and steps to reduce acne ourselves.

Understand what acne is

The first important step is to understand what acne really is and from here we can take the right action or decision early on how to cure acne problems or how to reduce acne problems on the face.


Skin layer
Skin layer


Acne is a condition where the skin is disturbed, this is related when the production of oil or sebum is excessive and the oil can clog the pores of the skin. Because the face is one part of the body with the most oil glands, don’t be surprised if pimples appear on that part of the face. For example, acne appears on the chin, acne on the nose, acne on the cheeks, acne on the forehead, and even on other parts can occur such as the appearance of acne on the upper chest, acne on the neck, and acne on the back because it is good for the neck, upper chest and also The back is the part of the body that has the most oil glands as well.

Excessive oil production and blockage of the skin pores will cause inflammation which is characterized by the appearance of small bumps that sometimes contain pus on the skin. The onset of acne usually occurs at the age of twelve to seventeen, so it is natural that almost all teenagers experience acne. In addition to afflicting teens or teens, many also happen to be the age of ten and above.

Facts or myths about acne

The question now is how to reduce acne. Now that we know what acne is, we now know the facts and misconceptions about acne that will help us alleviate this acne problem.

Myth 1: Frequently washing your face can cure acne.

Washing face clipart
Washing face clipart

The myth that causes poor hygiene may be true if you don’t wash your face at all, but if you wash your face often, it’s not even a solution to cure acne, it will make acne worse. It is best to wash your face gently twice a day with a face wash and use a proper acne treatment afterward.

Myth 2: Acne is caused by diet.

Scientific studies conducted such as  K. Bhate, and HC Williams in  Epidemiology of acne vulgaris say that this refutes this after finding that there is no relationship between food and acne.
Diet Clipart
Diet Clipart

Myth 3: Acne is caused by stress.

Stress is not an important factor in acne. It’s just that if you are experiencing severe stress that requires drugs that can cause acne as a side effect.
stress cartoon

Myth 4: Acne is just a cosmetic disease.

Face mask clipart
Face mask clipart

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